Xavier’s Birth Story Part 2: Labour

So there we were on Wednesday 9th November getting ready to go to Bolton Royal to be induced. On the way I remember my back starting to ache quite a bit, but I just put this down to being uncomfortable. We arrived and were shown to a bed in a bay where we were left to wait for about an hour before anyone came and saw to us. In this hour I was so uncomfortable, jumping up off the bed and onto the chair, then up and went and found a birthing ball to try and sit on. I just could not get comfortable but again I put this down to just being anxious about everything. Continue reading


Xavier’s Birth Story – Part 1: The Long Game

So I’ve decided to write up my labour story, it wasn’t the best experience, but was by no means the worst either. My baby arrived safe and healthy and I’ve come out the other side doing just fine too. I’m not writing this to unsettle any pregnant ladies, I think the more you know and are prepared for labour, the easier it is when unexpected events crop up. I found that my ante-natal classes were quite basic and didn’t cover a lot of things that happened to me, and didn’t say anything about what can happen when you are induced. Continue reading