Hello there, if you follow me on Instagram (which is most likely how you have ended up over here) you will know most of this already, but I wanted to introduce myself a little. I am Emily-Rose, I married my husband David in April 2015, we have two house bunnies Pebbles and Bambam and we are new parents.

Our beautiful son Xavier was born into this world on the 10th of November 2016. His name is pronounced with the X (ex-ay-vier), this is the English/American pronunciation, much to the dismay of most people who ask his name in public and try and correct me to zay-vier which is the French pronunciation!

I am originally from Hertfordshire but I left to go and study History at the University of Sussex, where I met my now husband. I ended up moving to the North West where David is originally from, and even though I always said I didn’t want to live in the north – here I still am 7 years later! We try and go down to visit my parents and siblings a couple of times a year, although it’s going to be a bit harder now with a little one in tow!

This blog is a way of me sharing snippets of my life, and also maybe to vent sometimes as who doesn’t love a good rant – everyone needs an outlet every now and then. I will be sharing my experience of being a new mum, tips I  have learnt along the way, life as a bunny mama, and eventually I may get round to sharing some posts about the cakes and crafts I make, that is if I ever find time to make them again!

Happy reading!